PTSD Photographic Art as a Therapy for Disabled Veterans
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Turning Negative Energy into Positive Results
About Us

As the only provider of formal photographic / filmmaking training and concepts for veterans who live with PTSD, we take pride in offering the only Photographic Art as a Therapy available to veterans and their families in the Dallas Metroplex. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our countries wounded veterans each and every day. I am a veteran who lives with the negative impact of PTSD and it almost destroyed my family. But, I sought for a sanctuary where I could practice disciplines I learned while pursuing my Bachelor's of Fine degree in Photography. I found that the practicing the disciplines provided a new comfort and level of control that helped me reduce the amount of medications needed for me to live a fruitful and productive life again. My family and I are so much better for it. I want to give this to my fellow veterans with PTSD.