Photography and filmmaking are a means of expression of what the current subject speaks to media.

I am always searching for hidden qualities and character in almost everything I observe all things seeking a better understanding of its reality with the hope of undressing the hidden character within any object or scene and the world around the subject of my interest with my interpretation photographically.

Strangely this allows me a deeper look into me and how I fit into the grand scheme of things in this universe, through photography I am able to explore both micro and macrocosms giving me a glimpse of the abstract and fragments of wondrous visions around me waiting to be discovered.

My inspiration is to use my camera like a painter uses his brush or a sculpture a chisel and when I have completed the workflow of development and processing the end result will be something magnificent to enjoy for a lifetime.

I remain

Aaron Mahlon
Master of Fine Arts
Documentary / Photographer / Content Creator

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