PTSD Help for Veterans

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What we do

To raise public awareness and inform citizens that all veterans who live with PTSD are not dangerous, and to improve the quality of life of veterans and their families who live with post-traumatic stress disorder. We do this by educating our veterans in the process of symptom relief through therapeutic photography by teaching the art of photography through evidence-based therapeutic photography processes.

Our classes

Beginners Tryout (Best Value)


3 weeks validity

Seeing Photographically


4 week course

Photographic Composition


4 week course

Volunteering for Veterans

Making it easier to support our disabled veterans with PTSD who have served with dignity, respect, and honor. Find opportunities to make a difference in our communities here.

Photographically Touching the Soul Deeply is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2016 for supporting service-connected disabled veterans with PTSD their families and caregivers.