PTSD Help for Veterans

Photographically Touching Souls Deeply (PTSD)

We are committed to improving the lives of veterans and families affected by post-traumatic stress through therapeutic photography.

15% of Vietnam Veterans

are currently diagnosed with
Post-Traumatic Stress


die from suicide

Only 50% of

with PTSD seek

1.5 times,

are more likely to die by suicide
than civilians

Help us make a difference in Veteran’s lives

Donate, Volunteer, or Sign up for classes to help bring awareness to PTSD affected Veterans and their families and to continue combating these effects through therapeutic photography

“It’s something that I can do that’s familiar somehow to me. It creates that calming effect where I’m not thinking about anything else. I can fully devote my concentration. It’s relaxing where I can just focus on what I’m doing… it’s just this frame, not the entire world.”

Rick Birt / US Marine Corp. (on Therapeutic Photography)

Photos taken by our beneficiaries:

“Turning negative energy into positive results”
Like in the visual above, our mission strives to transform chaos into creativity, while maintaining the strength and patriotism of the American spirit

Photographically Touching the Soul Deeply is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2016 for supporting service-connected disabled veterans with PTSD, their families, and caregivers.